Views: Bahrain Art Society, Kingdom of Bahrain

9 - 24 March 2016

Waves; At first sight the pure structure of vertical rectangles with a centrefold could be interpreted as individual shapes that give expression to a subjective dimension. However, the intervention of colour i nthe conceptualisation of the content establishes ann order of priority between the idea or the theme.

Each side show autonomy defined by the two sections or areas of colour. And because Al Khalifa imbues colour with the power to act on its own behalf, it reminds us that it is colour that we look at first and last in all artworks.

In the centre of the artwork is the fold, the palce where the two sides intersect. It acts as a seperating edge and gives a wave-like motion creating a play between positive and negative on the shaped aluminium convex service - a continutality of the artist's exploration of three dimensional space.

"Waves" is a continuation of Al Khalifa's previous "Shape of Time" series. It is an analytical attempt to understand the division of time and the situation of the earth in the space created. "Shape of Time" as the seperation of light adn dark, the first act of divine creation, and "Waves" as the seperation of water and land - provided Al Khalifa with an ideal source for conceptual possibilities. Contemplating on his own personal thoughts, "Waves", is the ocean, sand, sunset, and the beach, divided to replicate the dual movement of creation/destruction of nature that comes together and falls apart.