Reflection: BFH Fine Arts Gallery, Bahrain

31 January - 30 March 2012

"I express my feelings in the colours I use on forms and shapes based on my recollection on the seasons in life that has passed; times of laughter and embrace, mourning and sorrow, success and failure. The spontaneous paint work on the chrome surface, inspired by women veils, laces and 'mashrabia,' partly conceals the loci of society or life where we see fractions of ourselves - broken, buried, whole, empty, blurred and full - are reminiscent of the paths we traveled to reach where we currently stand. Once the viewer is face to face with the artwork, it breaks down the barriers; it becomes a journeying encounter like a free-flowing sense of interaction - a glance of the real, a starting point, waiting to be followed through,  allowing the viewer to do the completing, the reflection of self." RASHID AL KHALIFA, January 2012