NOMI 2015 Two-Man Show: In Context with the 56th La Biennale di Venezia

7 May - 26 July 2015
Suggestions by Rashid Al Khalifa and Ernesto Liccardo
NOMI is a narration of an averted loss. We are living in a time of fear and anonymity. A time that can erase names and make unrecoverable exclusions such as that of our everyday lives - losing its scope, seconds and
moments. It is like walking along a leafy street lined with trees, yet without noticing the trees, without hearing the soft rustle of the leaves and without seeing the colours of nature.
NOMI featuring the works of Rashid Al Khalifa and Ernesto Liccardo is an attempt to revive the existence of names and offer suggestions and impressions.
NOMI as a testimony of life, and in that is consciousness.
Franco Avicolli, May 2015
Venice, Italy